Thanks to the revamped parser, TeamDesk formula language now supports a couple of new features:

* All whitespaces, line breaks, character escapes and casing is preserved in full fidelity. E.g. True Or False won’t be transformed to true or false anymore.

* You can now include comments in the formula. The comment text starts with double-backslash and continues until line break is encountered. For example
// this always evaluates to true
true or false

* When we parse [Name] construct, first we are trying to find a column in the current table, then the column in the user table, then the role, then the variable. In case of conflicting names you can now use prefixes to specify forcefully whether the name is a user property, a role or a variable. Since current table’s columns are always resolved at the first place, no prefix was assigned to them. E.g.
[My Stuff] // a column
User[My Stuff] // user table's column
Role[My Stuff] // a role
Var[My Stuff] // a variable