Great news! TeamDesk has an ability to integrate with Zapier. This online automation tool allows non-programmers to integrate different webservices. The single integration with Zapier allows to seamlessly connect your TeamDesk online database with an application like Google Forms, Google Calendar, MailChimp and over 750 more.

Now you can register contacts and tasks, trigger email campaigns, update CRMs and accounting software and more, all without writing a single line of code. Currently TeamDesk (beta) on Zapier is available, therefore, for the smooth integration, you should precisely follow the steps described below.

Let’s review Google Forms to TeamDesk connection via Zapier.
For example, you have a “Contact Information” Google form for customers’ registration:

You need to store the data submitted via this form in your “Contact Management” online database built based on TeamDesk. So, when a customer submits the form, a new record should be created in the “Contacts” table.

Let’s utilize a TeamDesk-to-Zapier integration mechanism:

Step 1. Register an account with Zapier (or login to an existing one) and create a new Zap

Follow this link TeamDesk (beta) on Zapier to get to TeamDesk (beta) integration mechanism with Zapier:

Click on the “Accept Invites & Build a Zap” button and then navigate to the Dashboard:

Click on the “Make a New Zap” button on the Dashboard.

 Step 2. Create a Trigger in a new Zap

In our example, this new Zap should connect a “Google Forms” account to TeamDesk web-database. Therefore, the “Google Forms” app should be selected as a ‘trigger’ app in this zap.

To save newly-created “Google Forms” records into TeamDesk database, select the “New Response” trigger option.

Connect your “Google Forms” account to this trigger by clicking the “Connect a New Account” button.

Select “Google Forms” account and allow the connection.

The account is now connected to the trigger.

Before selecting the “Google Form” spreadsheet, make that this spreadsheet has been generated by your Google Form. Also, make sure that this spreadsheet contains at list one row of data submitted via the form. For example, the following spreadsheet was generated by the Google Form:

Now you may select this spreadsheet from the Spreadsheet dropdown list and select a ‘worksheet’ from the ‘Worksheet’ dropdown list in the “Zap” settings.

Press “Continue” button to save the changes.

Pressing “Fetch & Continue” button will create the trigger.

Click on the Continue button to proceed to the next step – creating an action.

Step 3. Create an Action within a new Zap

Creating an ‘action’ would be the next step. Begin with selecting “TeamDesk (beta)” as an ‘Action’ App.

Then specify the action type, such as ‘Create’ or ‘Update’ records.

After that you’ll be able to connect your new TeamDesk account to the ‘action’ by pressing the “Connect a New account” button.

After that you’ll be presented with the following form:

The database identifier is a number that is displayed in the database URL, following /db/
To get “API Authorization Token”, enter TeamDesk database Setup, select “Database” tab >>Tools>> Integration API.  Generate the REST API Authorization Token, save changes and copy /paste this Token to your zap.

When TeamDesk database account got related to the Zap, you can proceed with the ‘action’ setup.

To setup ‘TeamDesk record create action’ press “Save+Continue” button. Select Google Forms’ columns containing data to be inserted into corresponding TeamDesk columns.

Review the settings on the ‘preview’ page and press “Create & Continue button”.

Now, as TeamDesk action creation is complete, press “Finish” button:

Give your Zap a name and turn it ON.

Your Zap is working!

Now, when a client fills up a Google Form and submits, the record is created in your TeamDesk online database automatically.