We’ve updated core component behind TeamDesk formula editor to improve editing experience on touch devices, in XHTML – Formulas and e-mail notifications’ bodies.

While formula editing experience is still far from ideal on touch devices, with this update text selection should work properly.

XHTML – Formula editor improvements

XHTML – Formula editor now suggests tag names on opening angle bracket. Also the editor knows the structure of XHTML and suggests proper closing tag when you start typing slash. Valid attribute names are also suggested on Ctrl+Space. Tags that are not allowed are highlighted in red.

XHTML formula editor

Markup editor improvements

E-Mail notification body editor’s changes are even more impressive.

The editor now provides WYSIWYG preview for many markup elements, with characters that trigger markup formatting colored gray. HTML tags are also suggested and highlighted. Placeholder codes are now suggested on typing percent sign or opening square bracket rather than picked up from dropdowns.
Markup editor

Please note that parsing and highlighting is a resource consuming task. While in setup mode we usually have no more than two editors on screen, in user mode we can not ensure such a limit and in user mode markup editor is left intact.