As we promised, we’ll continue to add icons to various TeamDesk areas. This time we are adding mobile actions’ icons.

Mobile Device Create/Update actions are now extended with a pair of icon and color properties. Icon, obviously allows you to set an icon for an action, while color is intended to override default “table color” logic, allowing to set specify different colors for actions from the same table.

And here is the screenshot from home screen of TeamDesk mobile app on iOS

Screenshot from mobile app home screen

…and from Inbox.

Screenshot from mobile app Inbox

Please note Report and Fix the Problem actions’ colors. While both defined for the same table, Report… action is red – as defined in the action itself, while Fix… is green – it derives the color from the table it is defined for.

Also, we’ve changed new/visited action indicator. While previous app version was using solid/hollow dot scheme, new app displays small orange dot for new actions.