Today, we are proud to present new addition to a set of TeamDesk mobile device actions: Mobile Device Alerts.

A usual way to communicate with a user who is not actively working with the database is to send e-mail notifications. There are two problems with e-mail notifications: unless set up properly they spam your inbox and there is no interactivity. To make changes the user have to be online to proceed to TeamDesk website. Mobile Device Alerts solve both problems – they are coming to dedicated TeamDesk app and allow interaction.

Mobile Device Record Alerts setup
Setup is quite straightforward.

Like notifications, there is a message in the core. Due to speed and memory constraints we are unable to render complex layouts on mobile devices, so no full-fledged forms are allowed. Yet we support column placeholders and simple formatting via markup (note kindly). In addition we support attaching buttons to the action to let a user react to the message.

Here is what a user sees on a mobile device:

Mobile Device Record Alerts on display

Buttons attached to the action are regular custom buttons. Button’s appearance options – color, icon, confirmation are all supported. Once the user presses the button and response reaches TeamDesk, the system executes assignments and workflow actions associated with the button.

Make sure to get fresh version of mobile app (1.3 and up) from Google Play and AppStore. And feel free to send feedback to