Table’s column list is now grouped by type and sorted in alphabetic order.

From the beginning, TeamDesk listed table columns in order of creation with an ability to reorder them as needed. While it worked well on a small number of columns such an approach had also some drawbacks. Here are some of them:

  1. In order to keep it consistent you’ve need to carefully order newly created columns.
  2. All columns are displayed in uniform way and there was no way to display information specific to some column type.
  3. There was no way to see relations used to calculate summary columns or extract lookup.

We’ve address all these concerns by changing table columns from single ordered list to the several grouped by type alphabetic lists.

First, we are displaying all updatable columns:

Column list

Next, formula columns are displayed with formula preview:

Formula Columns

Then we list all reference columns with all lookup columns under corresponding reference column:

References & Lookup Columns

Next go all selections/details with all summary columns:

Selections & Summary Columns

And at last we display all system columns:

System Columns

We’ve redesigned “Set the default view” screen to allow you to change columns’ order in place. Custom buttons with user input option set to “Edit Columns” have own columns’ order now.

As a bonus, columns in “Ask the User” feature from Labs can be reordered as well.