Many TeamDesk objects feature Description field used for various purpose. Databases display their description in a list in My TeamDesk section. Chart views display description text just below the title. For columns we display description as a tooltip near field label on edit form. For the other objects description was merely a space for comments.

We’ve decided to reorganize and rename¬†description fields¬†a bit to make their usage clear.

First, we have renamed Description to Tooltip in columns and added separate Notes field to hold the comments. In addition, we have added Notes to relations, workspaces, view subscriptions, variables and resources, form behaviors and validation rules. Finally, for all the other objects except for database properties and chart views we have renamed Descriptions to Notes.

Since database does not have many properties on its own, we have decided to leave it without notes field. As chart views are the only views that display description text to the user they sport no Notes field so far. We’ll either remove chart’s descriptions or add descriptions back to all view types to display them under the title or as a tooltip.