From now on TeamDesk parses document templates and replaces placeholders right on our servers; then it sends a ready-to-use resulting document back to the user.

Newly created documents will use server-side generation by default. To opt-in for server-generation for existing documents you will need to convert them to .DOCX format introduced by Microsoft Word 2007 (Word 2008 for Mac) and re-upload converted documents back to TeamDesk.

While you still need Microsoft Word to create the template, you are no longer bound to Internet Explorer and Windows to get the results. Also, you no longer need Microsoft Word to be installed on your machine to view the result – any software capable to open .DOCX Word files can do the job. You can use, say, Microsoft Word Viewer, Mac's TextEdit, Windows 7 WordPad or OpenOffice.

Even if you are using older versions of Microsoft Word, you can still take advantage of the new technology by downloading and installing Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack; it will add support for new file formats to your software.

For documents in old .DOC format TeamDesk will continue using its client-side generation component. While served you well for many years, this technology, however, has limitations and downsides, and we strongly recommend users to convert their documents to .DOCX format to take advantage of server-side documents generation.