As Ukraine leads its heroic war against the aggressor, all of us at ForeSoft are left with emotions too overwhelming to name.

We sent our own donations to Ukraine and shared donation channels among our customers. After that we were so thrilled to receive many emotional replies with warm words of support for Ukraine.
Therefore we want to express our deep appreciation to people from all over the world who are choosing to stand with Ukraine in this fight.

It is a pleasure to work with so many likeminded individuals who care about the future of Ukraine, and who share our common values and goals for the future of global humanity.

How to Support Ukraine

If you want to offer support to Ukraine but aren’t sure which avenue to take, we want to provide an opportunity.

Donate to Armed Forces of Ukraine

Direct support to Armed Forces of Ukraine, handled by National Bank of Ukraine.

Donate to International Charitable Foundation “Come Back Alive”

Aimed at saving lives, not putting them in danger. They help provide the Ukrainian army with laptops, lights, photo equipment, cables, and maintenance thereof. Their funds and resources are aimed at the Ukrainian servicemen and women in need of medical assistance or rehabilitation. By donating, you contribute to saving their lives.

Donate to Humanitarian Assistance

The account is meant for charity contributions from Ukraine and from abroad. The Ministry of Social Policy will channel the raised funds to support Ukraine’s citizens severely affected by the war.

For any amount donated we’ll extend your TeamDesk subscription for double that amount. Please check the list linked above and send proof of your payment to TeamDesk Support

From all of us at ForeSoft, thank you for your conscious choice to support Ukraine!

We believe, with the joint effort of the World’s democracies, Ukraine will prevail!