Today we have released TeamDesk Enterprise Edition.

What’s new there:

  • Pay-per-user model (unlimited number of applications)
  • Own subdomain under
  • Comply with corporate brand and logo standards
  • Fully manageable user list
  • IP Address Filtering
  • User password policies

Interested? Contact us via support[at]

We will create all necessary infrastructure for you and assign you a Domain Administrator rights. Being on My TeamDesk page you’ll note new Manage Account section in a left-side bar. It is a gateway to the domain control.

Account Information screen provides an information about your subscription.

Manage Applications lists all applications created in your domain, provides an ability to create new and take ownership on existing applications.

Users with Access section displays the list of domain users providing an ability to invite new users, edit user’s properties and security control settings such as password strength, expiration time, required password characters and session timeouts.

In order to make it work, we’ve made a lot of changes here and there:

  • Self registration is prohibited for Enterprise edition. Only Domain Admins are allowed to invite new users;
  • No newsletters for regular users. Domain Admins still receive newsletters from TeamDesk to be notified about new features and maintenance alerts;
  • No application subscription pages: subscription is controlled solely via domain settings;
  • New Session Timeout property allows to disable the use of cookies. "Keep me signed in" option is not available when timeout is set to the value other than "Never". User will be forwarded to login screen after specified inactivity time.