When application’s complexity grows, tabs start cluttering the screen. Of course you can hide some irrelevant tabs for certain roles – such as tabs representing various reference tables: list of statuses, countries and cities and so on, regular users have no direct access to, yet, being an application administrator you may still need to have direct access to these tabs for maintenance purposes. Dilemma? With Workspaces, now it is not.

Workspaces (Setup > Application > Workspaces) can be used to slice large collection of tabs into several smaller sets covering different aspects of application usage. Current workspace can be easily switched via dropdown box located at the top-right corner of the page, and, of course you still have access to all tables on a single screen if you want to.


Workspaces respect access rights defined for a table – if the table is inaccessible for a certain role, it is not displayed even if it is assigned to a workspace; workspaces containing no accessible tables are not listed in the dropdown.