Moved to Ireland from Spain some 30 years ago (so I can also develop applications in Spanish). Set up "Bedrock Success" as a freelance IT consultancy and have been developing database applications for small organisations, mainly non-profits, for over 20 years using Lotus Approach (of happy memory!), TeamDesk, Zoho and Salesforce.

I have developed business solutions for Academies & Schools, Event & Conference Centres, HR Organisations, Consultants & Lawyers, Local and International NGOs.

I am passionate about this work and have fun doing it: I love making a positive contribution to the professional lives of my clients. We work together to deliver just what the client needs, never trying to force them into changing their ways so that their business processes accommodate to the software platform.

What I love about TeamDesk in particular is its simplicity of design, coupled with very powerful and flexible functionality. And because of its competitive pricing structure, it is an affordable platform for small organisations, while also being suitable for those who hope to scale and grow in size and complexity.

Always happy to take a call or answer an email to explore your needs and see how I can help.

The hourly rates are in Euro, and they reflect a mean point between our rates for commercial and for non-profit clients. We can negotiate the most suitable hourly rates, and any special rates for non-profits/charities.

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