We've been running a Windows-based application for electoral canvassing very successfully for over a decade. The database (over 180,000 records) was kept on a LAN Server accessed by three PCs. We needed to migrate to a cloud-based system for GDPR and security reasons, and also because we needed remote access to the data 24/7, especially during the heavier campaigning seasons.

We asked Bedrock Success to implement such migration ten months ago. They recommended TeamDesk. We were surprised how smooth the transition was and how quickly it was implemented. The few small issues that arose during the process were ironed out fairly quickly and efficiently by Luison and his team.

We are extremely satisfied with the new system, and we can confirm it was worth investing in it. Now we don't need to rely on remote storage platforms like Dropbox, which require data replication, to provide access to the data from outside our office's PCs. Also, we enjoy better peace of mind knowing that the data is backed up constantly by the TeamDesk vendor and we don't have to rely on the in-house I.T. staff for maintaining the data.

Jeffrey Egan
Personal Assistant
Jeffrey Egan