Example: Recurring Tasks

This no-code database shows the implementation of recurring tasks via workflow rules. The template is fully customizable & can be merged with other databases.
Example: Recurring Tasks Database Illustration


This no-code database template demonstrates two examples of implementation of recurring tasks/replicas via workflow triggers with workflow actions.

In the Tasks table you can check the first example:
Create a new Task record. Set the End Date few days after the Start Date and the _Interval _in days. When the task is saved, new task instances will appear immediately with Start Date shifted by the Interval, until Start Date reaches End Date.

The same principle can be used to replicate a record number of times. You can check this second example in the Replicas table:
Create a new record in the Replicas table. Set the Number of Replicas value. By default the Interval value is 1. New replicas of the created record will be generated automatically with Count Number shifted by the Interval, until Count Number reaches specified Number of Replicas.

Interested? Visit Setup | Rules | Workflow Triggers | Record Change Triggers to see how it works.
Moreover, pay your attention to the Execute Triggers option activated in some workflow actions.

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