Update Record

The Update Record workflow action triggers changes in predefined fields (for example, when a user enters a certain value into one field, a value in another field is changed or filled automatically). To create this type of action:

Select a corresponding option on the workflow action type selecting form.

In the General section of the form enter the action Name and write a description in the Notes field if needed.

Record Update.png

In the Record(s) to update dropdown you can choose what record should be updated.

By default, the Current Record option is chosen. But if there are reference columns or RecordSet columns created in the table, one of them also can be selected in the dropdown. In this case the action will update a record or records which Id (Ids) are kept in the Reference column or in the RecordSet column.

Records To Update.png

TeamDesk allows cascading execution of record change triggers. It is controlled via the Execute Triggers option of the action. If the action should activate other record change triggers, choose the Yes option, otherwise the No option is selected.

Execute Triggers.png

Save changes.

Once the action is created, click the New button in the Assignments section:

Action with Trigger.png

Use the following form to create a formula that will be used for record updating:


From … In the From Client field enter the formula used to create a value that will be later on inserted into a predefined record field.
To … From the To Client list select the field (column) to which the From Client value should be inserted.

You can add many assignments to one action. For example, the next assignment has to make the CallBack column unchecked.

assignment 2.png

As the result, the created "CallBack Log & CallBack checkbox Update" workflow action comprises two assignments.

Action with assignments.png

Below the action form you can find the Log keeping the detailed info regarding to the last 100 calls of the action.