Create your own custom database in a fast and easy way!

TeamDesk is an online database system that is developed to facilitate working with data, organize and store information that you use in your routine work.

Using TeamDesk anyone can build his/her own business management solution for any business process or choose a predefined database and your team-members will be happy to use it.


Database is a core of TeamDesk system. Each database looks like a set of linked spreadsheets and consists of series of tables (or one table) comprising records (rows) and columns.

The system is fully customizable: you can differentiate a database for various user roles creating a specific set of tables, forms, and reports for each group of users. Each system object can be modified or built from scratch according to the specific needs of your organization.

The system comprises two modes: User mode and Setup mode.

To select the Setup mode, click on the Setup button displayed in the top right corner. To switch to the User mode, click on the Exit Setup button.