My TeamDesk Profile

Every database user has an account that corresponds to a specific user profile containing personal information and a password.

From the My TeamDesk page, you can set your personal information and change your password. Simply use the Edit Preferences link in the dropdown displayed when the profile name link is clicked in the top right corner.

Edit Preferences

Using the Personal Information form, you can edit your profile and change your password.

Personal Information

The Devices section comprises the list of mobile devices related to the account via the Mobile client application.

The Language and location settings automatically determine the format of values entered by the user and displayed to them in Date, Timestamp, Numeric, and Time columns.

The specified Time Zone is taken into account only for Timestamp columns, and if a timestamp column value is converted into text, for example, in email alerts or in formulas. When Timestamp column values are added by other users, each user will see these values calculated according to their time zone settings.