User Access and Roles

TeamDesk allows you to share your database with others. It’s likely that each of added users requires different access to information. Creating roles and configuring permissions you can easily control what users can view or do with your online database.

When you share your database, you have to assign a role to each user.

A role defines a level of access a user has to information in a database. TeamDesk allows you to create an unlimited number of user’s roles and specify different access rights for every role.

When you create a new database, there is a standard set of user roles in the system (a new database built from scratch has only one user role - Default Role). You can either edit the existing roles or create new ones and assign these roles to users you want to add to your database.

Sometimes you need to check the user access settings for any role you created. If you are a database owner or a user with the Full Access or Manage Users Setup Permission, you can change your own role in a simple way. Just click the profile name on the upper right-hand corner, select the Change Role to option listed in the dropdown and choose the role you need.