OpenAI Integration

The integration between TeamDesk and OpenAI allows users to generate a database structure by simply describing it in natural language. Moreover, it enables the suggestion of new tables with columns and provides seamless linking between tables based on their names. Additionally, the integration facilitates the suggestion of additional columns for existing tables and empowers users to create new views and reports.

Instead of manually creating tables and columns, users can describe their requirements in plain English, and OpenAI’s advanced algorithms interpret the description and automatically generate the necessary structure in TeamDesk. This functionality greatly simplifies the initial setup process and reduces the time and effort required to build a database from scratch.

You need to enter your database description here and click Suggest database.

A blue and white box with white text  Description automatically generated

For Suggest new… functionality we pass bare minimum information to provide OpenAI with the context. Typically, it’s a name of the database, name of current table and its columns’ names and types. To let OpenAI suggest new columns and tables we also pass names of other tables in the database. This helps AI to suggest relations between tables. To suggest new views, we pass the names of the views in the current table. But in no way users’ personal information or data from the database is transferred to OpenAI.