TeamDesk tables are divided into columns. Every column contains a value of a specific attribute of a table record, for example, First Name, Last Name, Company and so on:

Table Columns

In the Setup mode Columns are listed on the Columns form, where a user can add New columns, create New Reference columns, Lookup Columns, Summary Columns. Also a user can Edit or Delete existing columns, set Key Columns and specify Columns Access rights.

To go to the Columns form, click Setup link at the top right corner of the window.

Select a table you need.

From the setup menu select Columns > Customize existing columns. The system will display a list of columns comprised in a table.

Table column list is grouped by type and sorted in alphabetic order.

Firstly, you can see all updatable columns:

Columns list.png

Next, formula columns are displayed with formula preview:

Formula Columns.png

Then, relations including reference columns and corresponding lookup columns are listed:

Lookup Columns.png

Next go all selections/details with all summary columns and recordset columns:

Summary & RecordSet.png

And at last all system columns are displayed:

System Columns.png