Lookup Columns

Lookup columns can be created, if there is a many-to-one relation between tables. These columns can be added to the Details table to represent a specific data from a related Master table (for example, the "Projects" table may need to contain the Client Company, Client Phone, Client E-mail from the related "Clients" table).

Using one relation you can add as many lookup columns as you need.

Furthermore, when a reference column of Many-To-One cardinality is created and a Proxy column is chosen in the reference column settings, the lookup column displaying Proxy column values is added to a table automatically.

When you create a new lookup column or edit an existing one, you have to fill in the displayed Lookup column form.

General Properties

Lookup Column General.png

If a column contains data that doesn’t appear or behave as you desire, you can edit the column’s General Properties.

Lookup Options

Lookup Column.png

Properties defined by the column type:

This field comprises the name of the related table. It works as a link referring to the table properties.
This field keeps the relation name displayed as a link referring to the relation.
Value Column
In the Value Column field select the name of a column in the master table from which the values for a lookup column in the details table will be taken.
Display as link
In the Display as link field select a check box to display a value as a link to the master record.
When the Help text property is filled in, the question mark is displayed near the field name on the View/Edit form. If you point to this question mark, the pop-up with a tip or a help text message will be shown.

Please note that if a lookup refers to a column of the File Attachment type and the Display As Link option is unchecked in the lookup settings, a user who clicks on such a lookup will be redirected to the attached document or image. Moreover, if an image (or a signature) is attached, this image (or signature) will be shown as a lookup value. If the Display As Link checkbox is activated, only the link referring to the master record will be displayed as a lookup value. After clicking on such a link, the master record containing the attachment will be opened.

Furthermore, if you need to create a lookup column displaying another lookup that shows an image kept in a File Attachment column, you also have to activate the Allow Public Access option in the File Attachment column settings. Otherwise, the image will not be visible in such lookups that display other lookup columns.