AutoNumber Column

AutoNumber columns comprise the AutoNumber values, which may include dates, abbreviations, or the reset counter option. You may use this type when you need to record orders, tasks, or assign numbers to invoices, contracts, or other documents.

AutoNumber is a text-based column.

General Properties

Autonumber general properties

Every column has general properties such as the name of a column or options for displaying. General properties are properties common to all columns.

AutoNumber Options

Autonumber Column Options

This property allows a user to specify the format of the AutoNumber value. The following options are possible:

Some Format examples:

Format 1 250 5000  
{0}  "1" "250" "5000" No formatting. No leading zeros.
{000}  "001" "250" "5000" With leading zeros padded to 3 digits.
{YYYY}{MM}-{0}  "202308-1" "202308-250" "202308-5000" 4-digit year and month used as a prefix for the number.
PO# {00000000}  "PO# 00000001" "PO# 00000250" "PO# 00005000" Prefix with "PO# " (including space).
{GUID}  "C3B4DB99E0624A61A916AE2D52721F51" Generate a unique identifier without using a counter.
Counter Value
This property allows a user to set an initial value for AutoNumber incrementing. For example, if the Counter Value property is set to 5, the first added record will contain 5 in the column of the AutoNumber type, the second – 6, and so on.

Please note the following: when you are creating the record and the autonumber column is displayed on the edit form, the counter will increment with every record creation attempt, even if you don’t save the record (for example, you are creating the record, the autonumber value equals N. If you cancel the creation, the autonumber for the next record will be N+1). To avoid such behavior, you need to hide the column from the edit form.

Reset Counter to 1
This property allows a user to define when the counter should be reset to 1. The following options are available:
When the Help text property is filled in, a question mark is displayed near the field name on the View/Edit form. If you point to this question mark, a pop-up with a tip or a help text message will be shown.