Location Column

The Location column is designed to hold both latitude and longitude as a single entity and optionally visualize it on a map. For example:


The Location column options are described below.

General Properties

Location General Properties

If a column contains data that doesn’t appear or behave as desired, you can edit the column’s General Properties.

Location Options

Location Column Options

Properties defined by the column type:

The Format property allows you to choose from two options:
List Style
This property allows you to define how to display a location in Views.
Form Style
This property allows you to define how to display a location on Forms.

The following display options are available for List Style and Form Style:

There are four options to visualise map:

Map size options:

Size List Form
Small 50x50px 120x120px
Medium 100x100px 240x240px
Large 200x200px 480x480px
Huge 400x400px 960x960px

Map zoom options:

Hide coordinates
This option allows to hide the coordinates that are by default visible under the map image.

Any of these options is clickable and leads to Google Maps. Clicking on mobile platforms will launch the corresponding application.

On Edit
This option automatically fills in the column with the current location value when a new record is created, but only if the location field is empty.
When the Help text property is filled in, a question mark is displayed near the field name on the View/Edit form. Pointing to this question mark will show a pop-up with a tip or a help text message.