File Attachment Columns

Imagine you’re planning to create an Art Gallery database and need to store previews of paintings or a Contract Management database for organizing contracts and documents. In such cases, you can add File Attachment Columns to include documents or graphic file attachments.

Please note that the maximum size for any attached file is 100 MB. However, the number of revisions kept in the column doesn’t matter.

General Properties

Attachment general properties

If a column contains data that doesn’t appear or behave as you desire, you can edit the column’s General Properties.

Attachment Options

Attachment options

Properties defined by the column type:

Display Text
This property allows a user to display a text value in the corresponding table cell instead of the attached file name.
This property enables a user to keep and view the revision history of an attached file:


Revision History
This property allows a user to manage the history of file revisions. Select the "Allow See Revision History" checkbox if you want to view the history of file changes.

As a result the Revisions button will be displayed near the file attachment field on the View form.

Revision History

You can choose one of the following file attachment types: File, Image, Signature.

The following maximum size options are available for List Style and Form Style:

Size List Form
Small 50x50px 120x120px
Medium 100x100px 240x240px
Large 200x200px 480x480px
X-large 400x400px 960x960px
No file name
Allows to hide names of attached images.
Enable this option to enforce file type validation for attachment columns.
Valid File Types
Enter the comma-separated list of file extensions that are valid for selection. As long as Valid File Types list is specified, the browser restricts the selection to listed file types.
Validation Message
Specify the text to display to the user when invalid file is selected. If not provided, we end up with generic message.
Open in New Window
This property allows a user to specify how the file is opened. Select the "Open in New Window" checkbox if you want to open file attachments in new windows.
Allow Public Access
To access a file attachment, a user should follow a link generated by TeamDesk. However, a link requires a user to log in before downloading a file, which may cause difficulties when data are shared via email notifications because a file attachment is not accessible to persons who are not database users. To avoid this problem, you can activate the "Allow Public Access" option, which allows access to a file attachment without requiring a user to log in.

Moreover, in case you need to create a lookup column displaying another lookup showing an image kept in a File Attachment column, you also have to activated the Allow Public Access option, otherwise the image will not be visible in such lookups that display other lookup columns.

When the Help text property is filled in, a question mark is displayed near the field name on the View/Edit form. Hovering over this question mark will display a pop-up with a tip or a help text message.