Default/Calculate vs Formula-Column

TeamDesk allows users to create Formula-Columns with formula values. On the other hand, you can use formulas for Default values calculation in columns with simple values (for example, numeric or text-type columns).

Let’s consider the differences and determine which variant better suits your needs.

Default/Calculate Formula Option

This option is available in columns containing simple values (for example, numeric or text types). There is a Default/Calculate field with the Formula option, where you can enter a formula. According to this formula, the column’s default value is calculated when a new record is created or when you edit values of columns used in this formula.

Imagine that you’ve created the "Deliveries" table, which has three columns:

The Express delivery term is 5 days, while the Ordinary term is 10 days.

You can specify the formula in the default/calculate field of the "Term (Numeric column)":

If ([Delivery Type] = "Express", 5, 10)

This means if the "Delivery Type" value is "Express," the Term is set to 5 days; otherwise, it’s 10 days.

Default Calculate Formula

As a result, when a record is created, the default value is assigned to the "Term (Numeric column)."

Default Calculate Example

If you agree with a client on a different term, you can edit the "Terms (Numeric Column)" and specify another value.

Edit Default Calculate Example

Also, if you change your company standards and now the Express delivery is 3 days and the Ordinary is 8 days, you can change the default/calculate formula accordingly:

If ([Delivery Type] = "Express", 3, 8)

Default Calculate.png

Please note that if some records had been created before the formula was changed, the Term values of such "old" records are not recalculated.



If you create a column of the Formula type, for example, Formula-Numeric type, the column values can’t be changed/edited by a user in the edit mode, only if the values of the columns used as formula variables are changed.

Let’s create the Formula numeric column comprising the formula:

If ([Delivery Type] = "Express", 5, 10)

Formula column Example 1

Also, if you change the formula, all values will be changed according to the new formula. For example, you changed the formula to the following:

If ([Delivery Type] = "Express", 3, 8)

Formula example 2