Changing Column Type

Suppose you have created the Staff table, including the Staff Email column, and have chosen the Email Address type for this column. Then, you realize that all your Staff members are TeamDesk users. So, you want to change the Staff Email column type from Email Address to the User type.

Along with editing column properties, it is possible to change the type of a created column. Such a necessity may arise, for example, when the format of data entry is changed for a specific column, and therefore the "old" column type does not correspond to the user’s needs.

To change a column type:

  1. Click the Setup link at the top right corner of the window.

  2. Select the table you need.

  3. From the setup menu, select Columns > Customize existing columns. The system will display the list of columns.
    Change Type.png

  4. Click on the necessary column name from the list, and the Column Properties Form will be displayed.
    Change Type Button.png

  5. Click the Change Type button; on the displayed form, select a new value of column type from the drop-down list:

  6. Click the Save button to save the new column type.

The TeamDesk system tries to perform the conversion procedure where possible. However, not all types of columns can be converted without data loss (for example, you can convert a formula-defined type only into a column of a corresponding type: Formula-User into User. At the same time, you cannot convert a column of a simple type into a formula-defined type without data loss).

You cannot change the column type for system columns (columns present in the table by default), key columns, or columns taking part in the relations between tables.

Refer to the table below to learn more about possible converting types (note that the Text value is related to columns of the Text, Text Multiline, Email, URL, Phone, and Attachment types):

To/From Text Check Num Date Time User Timestamp
Text + + + + + + +
Check ? + +
Num ? + +
Date ? + +
Time ? + +
User ? +
Timestamp ? + +

+ - converting is possible

? - converting depends on the value of a column (for example, the text column type can be successfully converted to the number column type in case all records in the table contain only numeric values in the column of the text type).