Let’s assume you created the Invoicing database and want to use the Invoice table records for generating invoice documents.

For example, you have the following record:


In TeamDesk you can create a template. It allows inserting record data into a Microsoft Word document. TeamDesk document templates are formal information pages containing data of specific table records. The template example is listed below:


You can change this template or you can insert template data into the Invoice document designed according to your needs (with your logo and invoice structure).

Please note, that placeholders keeping related details must be structured as a table and such table can be inserted into the document. In our example the related details are kept in the "Items" table.


When the created Invoice document is downloaded to TeamDesk system, the "Invoice" document button will be displayed on the View Form. This button allows you to generate invoices comprising data of invoice records.


Press the "Invoice" button and the invoice document comprising data of the record will be generated.

You can choose between two output formats: Microsoft Word or PDF. As a result, the document will be opened as a docx or pdf file.


All initial settings for documents creation are configured in the Setup mode of TeamDesk system. Please note that you will not be able to make up new documents for table records until you generate a document template and create a new document in the Setup mode.