Customizing Existing Documents

To change basic settings for already created documents, click Documents > Customize Existing Documents in the Setup mode to view the Documents form:


Using corresponding buttons of the Documents form, you can edit basic settings of existing documents, create new documents, delete them, generate new document templates and set document access data.

If you want to edit already uploaded Microsoft Word document, firstly click on the Edit button near a document. Then you can click on the Choose File button to upload a new document template instead of the existing one.

Document Edit.png

In case you need to add changes to the existing template, you should click on the file name to save it on your local computer.

Save Document.png

On the next step you should open the document in the MS Word program, where you can add necessary changes to the opened file and save it on your local computer.


After the saving this renewed document is stored on your local computer, therefore you should upload this new Microsoft Word file to TeamDesk database.

First click on the Edit button near the document and after that click on the Choose File button to upload the new document file.

Choose File.png

When the document file is uploaded, save the changes.

Please note, that in the document template the placeholders keeping related details must be structured as a table and such table can be inserted into the document.