Creating a New Document

After configuring a document template, it is possible to create new documents to be filled with information from a specific table record.

To create a new document:

  1. Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

  2. Select the table you need.

  3. From the setup menu, select Documents > Create a new document.

General Properties

Document General Properties

Enter the name of a new document. Note that the text entered in this field will be used as the caption of a document button in the user mode of TeamDesk.
Enter common information for the new document.
The Location property specifies where the document button will be located. The following options are available:
When a document is created, a button is displayed on a view form. This button allows you to generate the document. The Category property allows you to group document buttons in a drop-down list, reducing clutter on the form.

If a category is not set, the item is rendered as a push button named after the item.

If a category is set for a single item, it is rendered as a push button, but named after the category rather than the item.

If a category is set and shared between multiple items, they are rendered as a dropdown button named after the category, with items forming a menu.

Documents Grouped Into Category

Please note that document buttons and custom buttons are processed separately; their categories are not shared.

This option allows you to select icons for document buttons. You have a choice of 900+ icons covering various subjects – actions, brands, file types, symbols, animals, and more. The Search box above will help you narrow down the list of choices.

Icons List

The icon will appear to the left of the button text.


Moreover, you can activate the Hide text option, if the document name should be hidden in the User mode.

Please note, that if more than one document with icon is included into a category the Hide text option cannot be applied.

Highlight Color
Select a color to highlight the document button on a form and/or in a view. When the button is displayed alone, its background matches the selected color. When the button collapses into a submenu, the menu item’s background uses a desaturated version of the color – similar to active/inactive tabs.
In the Template field, select a document template based on which a document should be generated. If a template has not been specified, TeamDesk will generate a new template (identical to the one created when a user clicks the Generate document template link).
Output Format
You can choose between two output formats: Microsoft Word or PDF. As a result, the output will be displayed as a docx or a pdf file. This setting is also respected when sending documents via workflow email actions.
This property allows you to restrict access to a document to selected roles. A document button will not be shown to users with such roles.
If needed, the Views property allows you to restrict access to the document button to a selected set of views. You can select one of the options:
Send to Printer
This option becomes available when the Output Format is set as PDF. With this option checked, clicking on a document’s button will open the browser’s print preview frame instead of prompting to download the file.

Send To Printer

This feature relies on the browser’s ability to open the file without the help of a third-party program and is currently limited to the PDF output format. However, there are known caveats due to various browser bugs and limitations:

Matching Options

Matching Options

The Matching section is intended to set the filter criteria for the records that will include a document button allowing the generation of a document.

Advanced Options

Advanced Options

File Name
Check the Custom Formula checkbox to specify a formula for the document file name on the document setup screen. In the case of Multi-Record Documents you can use only file-name formulas that do not reference any columns.

Click the Save button to save changes.

If you generate a Multi-Record document, File Name formulas should NOT refer to any columns; otherwise, such formulas will be ignored. This approach is applied only for Multi-Record documents.

After creating a new document in the Setup mode, you will be able to generate documents for table records in the user mode of the TeamDesk system.