Using Documents

TeamDesk uses the simple MS Word format to present record data in the form of a document.

After you have configured a document template and created documents in the Setup mode, you can generate documents for a table record in the User mode.

To create a document for a table record:

  1. Go to the User mode to access the table data:
    View Record

  2. On a dashboard page or in a view, click on the View button next to the necessary table record.
    On the displayed form, you will see additional buttons for documents created in the Setup mode. For example, the Invoice and Credit Note buttons.
    Document Buttons

  3. Click on the corresponding document button to generate a document for the displayed table record. TeamDesk will load a generated document template and populate it with actual record values. The created document will be presented in the MS Word format.

Generation of a document may take some time. Do not close the browser window or click any other links before the process of document generation has been completed.