Document Templates

A document template is a regular MS Word document containing information about a style and format of a generated document.

TeamDesk generates document templates automatically. When a template is generated, a user can correct template settings: such as picture and layout settings, fonts and so on just the way he or she does in a simple MS Word document. Working with a template, a user can also correct some data that will be contained in future documents such as names of tables, captions and so on.

To generate a new template:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Select a table you need.

From the Setup menu select Documents > Generate document template. The system will display the Save window: you can open a generated document template in MS Word to view/edit it or save it to a computer.

The template example is displayed below:


When a template is changed according to your needs, you can save it on a computer and upload to TeamDesk as a New Document.

Please note, that placeholders keeping related details must be structured as a table and such table can be inserted into the document. In our example the related details are kept in the "Items" table.