Setup Mode

Setup mode is used to customize database objects, such as tables, forms, views, etc for various user roles.

If you need to return to the User Mode, click on the Exit Setup button displayed in the top right corner.

Exit Setup

The Setup menu bar can be visible or hidden; just click on the List icon List Icon near the New Table button. You can also make the menu pinned Pinned or unpinned Unpinned using the Pin icon displayed on the menu sidebar.

When you click on the Database tab, you’ll see the database-wide settings and an alphabetically sorted list of tables.

List of Tables

To adjust a property, feature, or object in a table, activate this table (click on a table name) and choose the action you need from the corresponding section. For example, to change existing columns in the "Activities" table, select this table, click on the Customize existing columns link in the Columns section, and edit column properties.

Use the Database Setup Menu displayed on the right to switch between Setup sections and items.

Active Table

You can pin favorite tables beside the Database tab. Click on the Pin icon to pin it, and as a result, such a tab will be fixed.

Pin Favorite Table

Use the Search for keywords box to find tables, columns, etc. Start typing, and TeamDesk will dynamically filter the table list and in-page grids. Confirm your choice by pressing the search button or the enter key, and the system will search for the text you’ve typed throughout the database settings.

Search for keywords