Database users can add, edit, and view records with the help of Forms. Every record consists of a set of fields comprising values or characteristics of this record. Such a set of fields is called a Form. Each field specifies a certain property of the record. Thus, forms are associated with tables: each form field corresponds to a certain table column.

When a new table is created in your database, TeamDesk automatically creates the form for this table. Such a form is used to add, view, and edit table records. There are two possible form modes: View and Edit, allowing you to review or change a record.

When you click on the View button near a record, the form is displayed in the view mode. When you click on the New or Edit button, the form is displayed in the edit mode. You can also use the Inline Record Edit Mode to edit records directly in the Table View page.

Form Record

View Form

To review the record data, click on the View button, and the form will be displayed in the view mode.

View Form

Preview Form

When you click twice on a value displayed on the View form, the Preview form will be activated, and the field will be switched to the edit mode. As a result, you can modify only the fields you need at the current moment. Then you can save or discard these changes.


Please notice that the preview form obeys the adjusted Form Behavior. It means that if a column is editable according to the form behavior settings, a user is allowed to edit this column.

Edit Form

To edit the record data, click on the Edit button, and the form will be displayed in the edit mode. Here you can modify the record data.

Edit Form

If it is needed to order and edit fields on the form, use the Gear option or Customize Form Layout features.

Furthermore, you can customize form behavior to display a different set of fields for each mode (View or Edit). Besides, it is possible to customize form behavior for each user role.

Adding similar records

Add Similar

If a new record you want to add should comprise values similar to another created record, you can use the Add similar button to make a copy of this record. It helps to simplify and streamline the data entering process. The Add similar button is displayed on the form of each created record in the View mode. You can click on it, and a new record with the same data will be generated and displayed in the Edit mode.

Edit Mode