Inline Record Edit Mode

Each Table view includes the Inline Edit functionality, allowing you to edit a record directly in the table view list.

When the Inline Edit mode is enabled for the view, the New and Edit buttons change their behavior to render edit controls right into the page. A user can either Cancel the editing session or change the data and press Save to update the record.

Inline Edit Table view

Regarding reference columns: when a reference column is created, a proxy lookup column is shown in a table view by default. So, the lookup refers to the Proxy Column. If the Inline Edit option is activated in the View and when a user clicks on the Edit button in such a view, the proxy lookup column is replaced with a Record Picker.

The Inline Edit functionality is very handy for editing records in the Details View.

Inline Edit Details

To enable inline editing functionality, you can edit a Table View and check the Inline Edit checkbox in the Allowed actions section.

Inline Edit Option

The record in inline edit mode follows form behaviors and validation rules, just like when being edited via a regular form.

However, there are some limitations: File attachments are not supported; View’s subtotals/grand totals and master record data that depend on edited values are not updated at the moment; Simultaneous editing conflicts are reported, but there is no other way to resolve them but to cancel the edit.