Let Users Specify Exact Criteria for Reports

Users may need to query more exact report criteria. For example, it may be necessary to review the list of orders from the client John Smith during a specific period.

To allow users to specify exact criteria for the View/Report, adjust the Ask the user option.

  1. First of all, Create or Edit the View you want to use.

  2. In the Matching section, select the Only records that meet certain criteria option.

  3. From the drop-down list on the left, choose the column that should be filled in by the user.

  4. Then select the operator.

  5. In the third field, choose the Ask the user option.
    Ask the User option

The chosen operator specifies the value that a user will enter. For example, if you choose the "is" operator for the "Client name" text column, the user should enter a full client name. In case you set the "contains" operator, a user may enter only the first or last name of a client, and records containing these names will be shown.

When the lookup column or a simple text/numeric column is selected, the system will render a simple edit box for user input.

Ask the user User Mode

If the Ask the User option is applied to the Text/Numeric column with choices or User column, or Reference column referring to another table, the "is" operator is recommended. Moreover, TeamDesk will display the dropdown box instead of the simple edit box.

Ask the User Select Criteria

Please notice that in the case of Related Details displaying, all filters with the <ask the user> option are ignored. Therefore, if you need to apply dynamic filters for related details displaying, create auxiliary columns in the Master table and add match conditions to the relation. Moreover, the values kept in the auxiliary columns can be changed by custom button.