Bulk Edit and Mass Delete

If you need to edit many records at a time, the Multi-Record custom button can be helpful.

Let’s assume, you register conference participants in the Conference Attendance database. If a person has visited a conference, the Status value should be changed from Registered to Attended. You can create the Multi-Record custom button with assignment and display this button in the View you need.

Bulk Edit 1.png

To mark all visible records, check the Action checkbox. Also, you can select the records you need using checkboxes in the left.

Bulk Edit 2.png

After that click on the Attended multi-record button and the Status value will be changed to "Attended".

Bulk Edit 3.png

The Multi-Record button settings are displayed below:

Button Settings 1.png

Mass Delete

If you need to delete many records, we recommend to create a Table View with filters and activate the Mass Delete option.

For instance, you want to delete records created last year.

At first, build a table view with the filter: Date Created is Last Year.

Mass Delete Filter.png

Then check the Mass Delete option in the Advanced Options section of the view settings.

Mass delete option.png

As a result, the Delete button is displayed at the top of the view. Moreover, the Action checkbox allowing to tick all visible records is shown at the top left corner of the view.

Mass Delete.png

When the button is clicked, all chosen records will be deleted.