System Buttons included in View

If you click on any View name listed in the left menu, this view will be opened, and you’ll see the following buttons at the top of it.

View Buttons

The New button allows adding new records to a table. If you click on this button, the Add New Record form will be opened.
Use the Print button if you want to print this view.
The Export button allows exporting the view data using the following formats: XLSX, CSV, and HTML. If you need to export file attachments, use the tdbackupwin tool; otherwise, only attachment names will be exported.
To send the view data to any email, click on the Send button and fill in the following form:
Send Form
TeamDesk users have the ability to hide columns from the views and show them back by clicking the Customize button located in the view header.
When a user needs to include/exclude columns from the view, they can check/uncheck them in the Customize button dropdown and click on the Update button. In case all columns should be displayed, click on the Reset button.

Moreover, TeamDesk users can apply a custom sort order by clicking column headers.

Custom Sort Order

Changes made by the user do not affect other users or application setup and can always be restored back to the default state.