Text Columns

A Text column is the most versatile column type because you can enter any kind of character into it. Text Columns may contain Customer Names, Product Names, Methods of Payment, etc.

If a column contains data that doesn’t appear or behave the way you want, you can edit the column’s General Properties and the properties defined by the column type.

General properties

Text Column General.png

If a column contains data that doesn’t appear or behave as desired, you can edit the column’s General Properties.

Text Options

Text options

This property allows a user to specify the maximum length of the text field.
Data Entry
This property allows a user to set additional display attributes for a text field. When creating a text column, you should determine which way of data entry better suits your needs. The following options are available:
This field is used to enter values when one of the following data entry options is selected: Drop Down, Radio Buttons, and Check Boxes. To create a Text Column with choices, select the "Drop Down" (or "Radio Buttons," or "Check Boxes") option and enter the necessary entries in the "Choices" field.

Note that each new entry should begin on a new line. No punctuation marks are required.

You can limit the number of characters, set display attributes, and configure the following properties for choices:

Allow new choices
This checkbox is accessible only when the "Drop Down" (Single Choice without None) option is chosen. Select the "Allow new choices" option if you want to allow users to create new entries in the list of choices.
Display choices in a single line
This checkbox is visible when the "Radio Buttons" (Single Choice without None) option or the "Check Boxes" (Multiple Choices) option is activated. When checked, the options are displayed in a single line.
Sort choices
This property allows a user to set additional attributes for choices in a text field. Select the "Sort choices alphabetically" option to present entries in alphabetical order.

Advanced Options

Text Advanced options

To direct users’ attention to specific values, you can apply colorization based on whether the value contains certain text. More details are described in the Column Value Colorization section.
This option allows you to specify a pattern that will be used as a criterion for data entry validation. You can learn more in the Pattern Validation for Text section.
When the Help text property is filled in, a question mark is displayed near the field name on the View/Edit form. If you hover over this question mark, a pop-up with a tip or a help text message will be shown.