Reference Columns

Records stored in different tables can be linked to each other. For example, in the Projects table, you can select a Client Name value stored in the Clients table. TeamDesk allows users to establish relationships between records in one table and records in another table using reference columns. Reference columns provide a straightforward way to create relationships between tables.

When you edit the settings of a reference column, in addition to the general properties, you can access the reference column options.

The Single-Reference column includes the following Single-Reference Options:


The Multi-Reference column includes the following Multi-Reference Options:


Single/Multi-Reference Options

Reference To
This option displays the reference table from which the dropdown records will be selected.
Link Table
An intermediary table where the linked records are automatically stored when the Multi-Reference column is added.
Proxy Column
Use this property to specify that another field containing a more accurate description should appear and behave like the reference field when viewing record data on the View Form.
Record Picker
Use the Record Picker to specify how master table records should be displayed when editing a reference column on the Edit form.

The following record picker modes are available:

Override default record picker
If you activate this checkbox, you can override the default record picker and configure specific options for selecting master records in a reference column.
It enables you to filter out the records, that will be available for the user, as well as override the sorting of the available records.

A reference column always participates in a relationship. Therefore, if you adjust the Override default record picker options in the reference column settings, the same options will be displayed in the corresponding relation, and vice versa.