Timestamp Columns

There may be cases when you want to indicate precise meaning of time (date and time) when a task is complete or a session is started. Timestamp Columns are suitable for that.

General Properties

General properties

If a column contains data that doesn’t appear or behave as desired, you can edit the column’s General Properties.

You can set the "Now" option in the General Properties and the current date & time value will be inserted by default in this Timestamp field, when a new record is created.

Timestamp Options

Timestamp options

Properties defined by the column type:

This property allows the user to select a format in which a timestamp value will be displayed. The following options are possible:

Short time is the time format without seconds, long time is the time format with seconds.

When the Help text property is filled in, the question mark is displayed near the field name on the View/Edit form. If you point to this question mark, the pop-up with a tip or a help text message will be shown.