Sending Documents by E-mail

A generated document can be sent by e-mail automatically via E-mail Alert workflow action. This action allows you to create an e-mail message that will be sent to specified addresses, when a certain event occurs in the frames of the workflow. The E-mail Alert action includes the Attach Document dropdown, where you can select a document that should be automatically sent by email.

To render the document output as a PDF file or a DOCX file, set the Output Format in the document settings.

The action can be triggered by a Workflow Trigger or by a Custom Button. So at first you should create a new trigger or a new custom button or use an existing one.

After that you can add the E-mail Alert action to this trigger or button:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Choose a table and click a corresponding tab at the top of the window.

From the menu in the main frame select Rules > Workflow Triggers (or Custom Buttons )

To add an E-mail Alert workflow action, edit the existing trigger or custom button.

Click the New button in the Actions section and select theEmail Alert action type:


Fill in the New Email Alert form according to your needs and choose the document in the Attach Document dropdown displayed at the end of the form.

Attach Document Short.png

More details about the E-mail Alert setting are listed below.

In the General section of the form enter the e-mail alert general data:

Email Alert 1.png

Name In the Name field enter a name of the alert.
Description In the Description field enter an e-mail alert description if needed.
From Specify from whom the e-mail should be sent.
To/Cc/Bcc Select options defining to whom an e-mail alert should be sent. You can specify one or many options described below.
Do not notify modifier Check the Do not notify modifier option, if you do not want to send the e-mail notification to a person who added, modified or deleted the record.

In the E-mail Contents section of the form enter the data concerning e-mail contents:


Subject In the Subject field enter the subject of the alert. Furthermore, in this field you can use any column placeholder, just write a column name in square brackets [ ], for example [Column Name]. To simplify the placeholder writing, you may type first letters of the column name after the left square bracket sign [ in the notification Body and the columns starting with these letters will be displayed in the dropdown, then you can cut/paste this placeholder from the Body into the Subject field.
Body In the Body field enter the basic information of the e-mail alert. Note that the body of the e-mail notification may contain placeholders (for example, the name of the action: modifying/adding/deleting table records). To configure the body of the message, use the % sign to choose and insert the placeholders you need. Also you can click [ to list all columns of a table and insert column variables you need. Moreover, you can type first letters of the column name after the [ sign and the columns starting with these letters will be displayed in the dropdown.
Format In the Format subsection select a necessary format of a reminder: HTML orPlain Text.
Attach Document In the Attach Document dropdown select a generated document that should be automatically sent by email.