Workflow Triggers

Workflow Triggers define what actions will be triggered when a certain event occurs. Currently TeamDesk presupposes three types of triggers:

Record Change Triggers

Time-Dependent Triggers

Periodic Triggers

Each Workflow Trigger has to comprise one or many actions. The Trigger defines time or conditions after which a certain action or event will be called. The Workflow Actions define events that are triggered. Currently there are four types of workflow actions presupposed by TeamDesk:

E-mail Alert

Update Record

Create Record

Delete Record

Call URL


Mobile Device Update Record

TeamDesk allows cascading execution of record change triggers. By default the cascading execution is switched off. It is controlled via the Execute Triggers option available in Create Record, Update Record, Delete Record and Call-URL actions.

To create a new workflow trigger:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Choose a necessary table and click a corresponding tab at the top of the window.

From the menu in the main frame select Rules > Workflow Trigger.

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Click New near the trigger type you need.

In the trigger form that will be opened, specify trigger properties.