Mobile Device Alert

Mobile Device Alerts come to dedicated TeamDesk mobile app and allow interaction. That’s why this is a handy tool allowing to communicate with database users without e-mail notifications.

Like notifications, there is a message in the core. In addition, the system supports attaching custom buttons, that can be added to the action in order to let a user react to the message.

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To create the Mobile Device Alert, you should click on the New button in the Actions list or in the Actions section displayed directly in a certain workflow trigger (or a custom button):

Mobile Alert Action.png

When the action type Mobile Device Alert is chosen, you’ll see the action form. On the screenshot below the example of the filled in action form is shown:

Mobile Alert Form Example.png

Name In the Name field you should enter a name of the action.
Notes Notes field holds any comments you need to keep for this action.
Color The Color option is intended to override default “table color” logic, allowing to set a different color for a mobile action.
Icon This option allows to select icons for a mobile action. You have a choice of 900+ icons covering various subjects – actions, brands, file types, symbols, animals and a lot more. The Search box above will help you to narrow down the list of choices.
Sent To Select options defining who will be able to access the action in the TeamDesk mobile client application. You can choose only one from the following:
Body In the Body field enter the basic information of alert. Please note, that due to speed and memory constraints we are unable to render complex layouts on mobile devices, so no full-fledged forms are allowed. Yet we support column placeholders and simple formatting via markup.
Display Buttons Here you can attach custom buttons that will be added to the action in order to let a user react to the message.

Let’s assume that you use the following trigger for the Mobile Device Alert sending:

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In case you resent the alert to another user, the system automatically revokes the alert for the previous user. For instance, in our example you can choose another user in the "Supervisor" column and save this change.

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As the result, the trigger activates the action and a new mobile alert is sent to such a new chosen supervisor. Furthermore, the system revokes the alert which was sent to the mobile device of the previous supervisor, however, only the buttons will get removed immediately from the alert, while the alert itself will disappear from the Alerts folder after 30 days from creation date.

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The 'Revoke from Devices' button

In case you need to revoke a mobile alert from all the devices, just use the Revoke From Devices button accessible on the action form.

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After pressing the button, the alert will get removed from all the devices’ Alert folders.

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Please notice that all mobile alerts will be deleted from mobile devices automatically after 30 days from the creation date.