Mobile Device Create Record

Sometimes you need to perform jobs offline and then submit the result to TeamDesk when the Internet is available. To address this problem, we’ve created TeamDesk mobile client application.

To make it work, you should add mobile device workflow actions. There are two possible types of mobile actions: Mobile Device Create Record action and Mobile Device Update Record action.

Mobile Device Create Record action.

Say, you need to make a photo-report about the placed advertisement or need to register your expenses. Moreover, this data should be stored in your database. For doing this in simple way, you can adjust the Mobile Device Create Record action in a table, where the data should be kept. After that you have to set the TeamDesk mobile client application on your mobile phone.

Please notice that the Mobile Device Create Record action does NOT need a trigger. To create this action, make the steps described below:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Choose a table and click a corresponding tab at the top of the window.

From the menu in the main frame select Rules > Workflow Actions.

Click New in the Mobile Device Actions section.


And fill in the action form. Let’s consider the Expenses registration example:

Mobile Record Create.png

Name In the Name field enter a name of the action.
Notes Notes field holds any comments you need to keep for this action.
Color The Color option is intended to override default “table color” logic, allowing to set a different color for a mobile action.
Icon This option allows to select icons for a mobile action. You have a choice of 900+ icons covering various subjects – actions, brands, file types, symbols, animals and a lot more. The Search box above will help you to narrow down the list of choices.
Sent To Select options defining who will be able to access the action in the TeamDesk mobile client application. You can specify one or many options described below.
User Input In the User Input section, you can choose fields/columns that should be displayed to a user, when he/she creates a new record via the TeamDesk mobile client application.

If you need to edit the action, you can user the Edit button. To transfer the changes to the Mobile Devices you must click on the Refresh On Devices button.


In the TeamDesk mobile client application you can click on the menu icon and the Register Expense action will be listed there:

Mobile Create.png

Please note that the Mobile Device Create Record action becomes instantly available via mobile client application menu for selected users, users in specific role or all users with the table record access.

Moreover, when the application sends the record back, database will check validation rules and fire record change triggers if there are any in the table.

The Register Expenses scenario is described below:

Log new expense using mobile device:


To send this Expense to the database, click on the Send icon.

As a result, the Expense record is registered in the database:

Expense Record.png

Feel free to order "Example: Mobile Device Create/Update Record Database" trial to test how it works.