Generate Document

The purpose of the Generate Document workflow action is to generate the document from the current or (a set of) related record(s) and store it in an attachment column of the current record.

In the General section of the form enter the action Name and write a description in the Notes field if needed.

Graphical user interface, text  Description automatically generated

In Get data from field we list current record, any reference column(s) to parent records and recordset columns. Additionally, we list lookup and summary columns that directly or indirectly point to reference or recordset columns. In other words, you can generate the document for almost any related record.

In the Document field you need to select a template for document generation. Template must be prepared in advance, before you start setting up your workflow action. Here is how you create a template.

In the Save to field select the File Attachment column to store the document into. This column also must be created before the workflow action.

While generating the document the action respects table and column’s access rights and document’s availability for the record (document’s filter).

In case of no related record is available the action will delete the document stored in the column.