Delete Record

The Delete Record workflow action triggers the automatic deletion of related details. To use this action for related details deletion, a RecordSet column is needed.

Also, you can choose a single-reference column in the Delete Record workflow action settings. For example, if such a single-reference column is used for a One-to-One relation and you need to delete both related records at a time.

Moreover, in combination with a Record Change Trigger, which is activated when a record is deleted, the Delete Record action cleans all details related to the deleted master record. So, this action simplifies related details deletion.

To create this type of action:

Select the Delete Record option in the action type list and fill out the form as described below.

Define the action Name and write Notes if needed.

Delete Record Action

Record(s) to delete
In the dropdown, you can choose the existing RecordSet column (or single-reference column). As a result, the action will delete a record or records whose Id (Ids) are kept in the selected RecordSet column (or the single-reference column).
Execute Triggers
TeamDesk allows cascading execution of record change triggers. It is controlled via the Execute Triggers option of the action. If the action should activate other record change triggers, choose the Yes option; otherwise, the No option is selected.

Save changes.

Delete Record Action Log

Below the action form, you can find the Log, which keeps detailed information regarding the last 100 calls of the action.