One-to-Many Relations

This type of relationship presupposes the connection of a record stored in the Master table with many records in the Detail table.

For example, you manage an advertising agency and keep track of projects and clients in the TeamDesk database. Each client can order many projects, while every project can be ordered by only one client. As a result, each record in the "Client" master table can be related to many records in the "Project" detail table.

One to Many

The one-to-many relation is established between a key column in the master table (using a key column ensures the uniqueness of a record to be related) and a single-reference column of matching type in the detail table.

Tables Example

Please note that the one-to-many relation is realized at the column level: a column in the master table is related to a column of matching type in a detail table.

Here you can see an example of the relation settings:

Relation Settings

If you want to choose a reference column manually, please note that the type of the Reference column should match the type of the Key column. So, you can match the same column types. Moreover, the following types can be matched with each other: Text type, AutoNumber, Phone, Email Address, Barcode.