Creating Relations

Say in your database you created a table called Projects comprising information about projects and the Clients table where clients’ profiles are stored. Every project is ordered by a client; some clients order many projects or make repeat orders. To link the Projects and Clients, create a relation between these tables.

Picture 110

To create a new relation:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Select a table you need.

From the setup menu select Tables > Manage relations between tables.

Click the New button on the Relations form.

Select the tables to set relations between; click the Next button:


Select the type of a new relation; click the Next button:

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Specify properties of master-detail relationship between selected tables:


The options are described below:

Option Description
Name Enter a name that will identify relationship between two tables.
Master Table options:
Table This field displays the master table name.
Key Column Here the master table key column is displayed
Proxy Column Use the Proxy Column to specify that another field containing more accurate description should look and act like the reference field when you view a record data on the View Form .
Record Picker The Record Picker section defines how the master table records will be organized for the reference column of the details table:
Detail Table options:
Table This field displays the detail table name.
Reference Column Select the name of the Reference column. A reference column is a column in the detail table containing a link (a reference) to a master table record.
Details View Select a view in the Details View list to see records from the detail table below the master table view form (for more information, see the Displaying Details section).
Alternative Name In the Alternate Name field enter an alternative name for detail table records block (for more information, read the Displaying Details section).

If a relation between tables is deleted, the reference column will still be present in the detail table. You can delete this column from the column listing, just select Columns > Customize existing columns link.