Managing Lookup Columns

Lookup columns can be created, if there is a many-to-one relation between tables. These columns can be added to the Details table to represent a specific data from a related Master table (for example, the Projects table may need to contain the Client Company, Client Phone, Client E-mail from the related Clients table).

Using one relation you can add as many lookup columns as you need.

Furthermore, when a reference column of Many-To-One cardinality is created and a Proxy column is chosen in the reference column settings, the lookup column displaying Proxy column values is added to a table automatically.

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To add a lookup column to a related table:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window

Select a table you need.

From the setup menu select Tables > Manage relations.

In the Relations form click on the Add Lookup button near a necessary relation:

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The Lookup column form will be displayed:


Fill in the displayed form to create a Lookup column.