Create a Database

To create a database with the help of OpenAI, you need to specify your requirements (in English) here and click Suggest database.

The more details you provide, the more precise result you will receive. So, if you only type in "Project management," you will get a database with the minimum number of tables and fields:

Short Description Result

Below, you can see another example with a more detailed description. You can specify the names of as many tables and columns as possible, and this will eliminate manual work, as all these will be created at the start by AI.

Detailed Description

Once you provide the description, you can view a preview of the tables and the relations that the system suggests. You can also explore the list of predefined columns for each of the tables.

AI Suggested Database Structure

Below, you can see the result: the database created based on the brief description, which already contains the necessary tables and their relations. You may also notice that each column has a respective column type and a note that describes the purpose of the column.

Language School Database Example